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  • Matsukan | まつ勘 (Azabu-juban) - Quintessential local sushi bar with loads of energy.

  • Ikkyu | 逸喜優 (Azamino) - A classic omakase-only sushi bar where every nigiri is simply perfect.


  • Kawakami-An | 川上庵 (Omotesando) - Excellent homemade soba. The walnut dipping sauce is particularly noteworthy. 

Unagi (Eel)

  • Miyagawa | 宮川本廛 (Tsukiji) - Hands down the best unagi in Tokyo. [Please let us know if you decide to go here - it is owned and run by Chiara's grandmother's best friend.]

Yakiniku (Barbecue)

  • Kongouen | 金剛園 (Shibuya) - High-quality Japanese beef to grill at your table. Don't miss out on the complimentary homemade almond tofu (an-nin-dofu) at the end of the meal.

  • Nikutei-Futago (肉亭ふたご) (Shinjuku) - Swanky yakiniku restaurant where you grill different cuts of thinly sliced wagyu at your own table. 

Yakitori/Kushiyaki (Grilled Skewers)

  • Morimoto | 森本 (Shibuya) - A fun, loud and bustling yakitori joint. No reservations, so be prepared for a short wait.

  • Sagoemon | 佐五右衛門 (Shibuya) - Great kushiyaki (grilled skewers) restaurant in central Shibuya with a fun atmosphere.


  • Yokota | よこ田 (Azabu-juban) - Tempura course meal served at the counter by a friendly and comical chef.


  • Maisen | まい泉 (Omotesando) - A true institution. Try the black pig (kurobuta) tonkatsu.


  • Kiraku | 喜楽 (Shibuya) - Kiraku has been in business for over 60 years and is one of the oldest ramen shops in Tokyo. It is extremely popular during lunch time. They serve traditional Chinese style ramen, and their specialty is ramen with wontons.

  • Miharu | 瞠 (Ebisu) - One of the best ramen shops in town. Their specialty is 'aburasoba', which is a ramen without broth but with a seafood-based sauce.


  • Taka | 産直屋たか (Shibuya) - One of Tokyo's best izakayas, known for extremely fresh seafood. Note that reservations are hard to come by - your best bet is to add the owner on Facebook and contacting him directly.

  • Sakeria | 酒坊主 (Shibuya) - Small menu that changes daily. Excellent sakes. 

  • Unosato | うのさと (Shibuya) - Great izakaya for a night out with friends. Fresh seafood and a good sake list.

Other Japanese Cuisine

  • Kogane | こがね (Ebisu) - Beautiful, stylish restaurant specialising in kushiage (deep-fried skewers). Their course meals are enjoyable and great value. 

  • Kanetanaka | 金田中 (Omotesando) - An absolutely beautiful, minimalist space serving modernised traditional Japanese dishes in a course format. 

Western Cuisine

  • Seirinkan | 聖林館 (Nakameguro) - One of the best pizzerias on earth. Only two types of pizzas are served here - Margherita and Marinara - using the freshest Japanese ingredients.

  • Ukai-tei | うかい亭 (multiple locations) - A classic - and classy - Teppanyaki restaurant serving exceptional steak and other French-style dishes. The group has teppanyaki restaurants in Omotesando, Ginza and Roppongi.

  • Carnesio East (Ebisu) - Top quality meats served in a variety of ways. Their hamburger is basically steak tartare quickly seared on the outside - delicious!

  • Dal-Matto (Ebisu) - Cosy Italian restaurant with an excellent-value course meal. 

Pastries & Snacks

  • Cheese Stand (Shibuya) - A small but cute café where you can sit and eat lovely sandwiches made with the shop's homemade cheeses.

  • Crossroad Bakery (Ebisu) - A quaint café with exceptional bread inspired by the seasons. Open late. 

  • Nata de Cristiano (Shibuya) - A tiny little shop that sells pasteis de nata fresh out of the oven that rival those of Lisbon's famous Pasteis de Belem.

  • Viron (Shibuya) - Delicious French pastries. There's also nice brasserie upstairs serving classic French food.

  • Yoku Moku (Omotesando) - Perfect for an afternoon snack. Delicious cakes and biscuits. Don't walk away without buying a box of their chocolate biscuit cigars. Yoku Moku outlets can also be found in most depachika (basement food halls in department stores).


  • Café Kitsuné (Omotesando) - Beautiful, spacious café with excellent brew.

  • Chatei Hatou | 茶亭羽當 (Shibuya) - A classic Japanese coffee house that does excellent pour-overs and delicious chiffon cakes.

  • Fuglen (Shibuya) - Scandinavian coffee house with high quality coffee. They also do great cocktails in the evenings.

  • Koffee Mameya (Omotesando) - Every coffee aficionado's heaven - enough said.

  • Maruyama Coffee (Omotesando) - Baristas from this coffee company have a long history of winning the World Barista Championships, and their coffee is, unsurprisingly, exceptionally good.


  • Ahiru Store (Shibuya) - A cosy wine bar focussed on natural wines. Also serves good tapas.

  • Bar Benfiddich (Shinjuku) - Genius mixologist, Hiroyasu Kayama, reconstructs classic liqueurs and spirits using homegrown plants and a mortar and pestle. No menu here, but everything he makes - and how he makes it - is excellent. This is truly one of the best cocktail experiences in the world. Reservation recommended.

  • Gen Yamamoto (Azabu-juban) - Master Gen creates a tasting menu of delicious cocktails, all with the freshest seasonal Japanese fruits - unequivocally the best cocktail experience ever. Reservation required.

  • Ishinohana | 石の華 (Shibuya) - Small and unassuming bar with unique Japanese-inspired cocktails.

  • Mikkeller (Shibuya) - Craft beer pub serving some great Japanese brews among other international beers.

  • Nonbei Yokocho | のんべい横丁 (Shibuya) - Translates as "drunkard's alley", this alley is filled with tiny little bars that fit not more than six people. Guaranteed fun night out.  

  • Bar Trench (Ebisu) - A swanky bar serving innovative, delicious cocktails. Only drawback perhaps is the clientele, but it is worth a visit regardless. 

  • Bar Triad (Ebisu) - Set over two floors, each floor has a separate menu. Cool, retro ambience that evokes an old passenger train. 

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