I recently came back from my semi-annual trip to Tokyo. For the past couple of years, we have been frequenting Sushi Ikkyū, one of the best sushi bars in the Greater Tokyo area. The quality of the fish is always superb, and like most great sushi bars, the standard way to eat is omakase--for a set price, you let the sushi chef serve you the highest quality fish he has that day. During lunch, Ikkyū also offers chirashi--slices of a variety of sashimi served over a bed of sushi rice.

わさび -Wasabi

Here is what we ate:


白魚 - Live white bait in sake

My mother and I didn't have the guts, but my brother and father downed theirs--and ours--within seconds. RESPECT!

ひらめ - Hirame

鯛 - Tai

のどぐろ - Nodoguro

ぶり - Buri

ほたて - Hotate

鳥貝 - Torigai

みる貝 - Mirugai

赤貝 - Akagai

あわび - Awabi

すみいか - Sumi Ika

クルマエビ - Kuruma Ebi

いくら - Ikura

あじ - Aji

うに - Uni

しめさば - Shime Saba

うに - Uni

づけマグロ - Marinated Maguro

コハダ - Kohada

穴子- Anago

大トロ - Ōtoro

巻き寿司 - Maki Sushi

卵 - Tamago

The omakase course costs ¥10,000 - ¥15,000.

Sushi Ikkyū

1-22-1 Shin Ishikawa

Aoba-ku, Yokohama-shi

Kanagawa, Japan

Metro: Azamino