We recently decided to treat ourselves to a meal at Texture, the Michelin-starred Marylebone landmark run by Icelandic master chef Agnar Sverrison, who also runs the slightly less formal 28-50 on Marylebone Lane. Our meal here was easily one of the best we've had in London so far, though we wish the prices did not preclude us from dining here on a regular basis.

Love the textured plates!


These crisps were ridiculously light and refreshing. These weren't your ordinary crisps - lightly-fried fish skins, razor-thin brown cereal bread, potato crisps cut so finely they were transparent. We gobbled these up quite rapidly, and fortunately they were so light that they didn't fill us up too much before the real meal started.

Warm sourdough bread

The fresh, warm, homemade sourdough was moist and delicious, though the slices were probably a little too large for the huge meal that was to come.

Cold smoked Scottish salmon with horseradish, apple, pickled vegetables, sorrel

Given the cuisine, we expected the salmon to be outstanding. It was good, but didn't blow us away. The horseradish added a nice dimension to the dish, but making it into a frozen granita form was overcomplicating the dish a little.

Scottish scallops with coconut, ginger, lime leaf, lemongrass

This plate of scallops was truly world-class. Beautifully seared and speckled with sesame, the highly unusual icy coconut "snow" was a lovely complement. The lime leaf and minuscule mushrooms also blended perfectly to give the dish a wonderful balance.

U.S. grain-fed prime rib-eye, chargrilled, with ox cheek, horseradish, olive oil béarnaise

This dish was cooked beautifully. The simplicity of the meat and its garnishes made the balance of the dish all the more impressive. The ox cheek and rib-eye were both so soft that they practically melted in the mouth. The olive oil béarnaise was light, and a perfect addition to the dish. This was hands down the best dish of the night.

Poached Cornish monkfish with wasabi, native oyster, mussels, sea vegetables

This monkfish was disappointing - though it was beautifully composed, it was unfortunately a bit too heavy on the dill and slightly overcooked. Still, the mussels, herbs, horseradish, and aquatic vegetables provided an interesting and uncommon blend of flavours.

Strawberry granita with sabayon ice cream & rhubarb

A refreshing palate cleanser. Isn't the bowl beautiful, too?

Coconut, chocolate, ice cream, yoghurt

We were so full by the end of our main courses that we only ended up getting one dessert to share - and it was impressive. P has a particular obsession with coconut, but this crumbly cake would be appealing to anyone - nicely moist with some delightfully crispy coconut flakes.

A meal with a glass of wine runs up to roughly £80 per person.


34 Portman Street

London W1H 7BY

Tube: Marble Arch

020 7224 0028 or

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