We recently spotted this new restaurant not too far from where we live and were very curious to check it out after reading a good review. Brazilian chef Emerson Amelia d'Oliveira's menu is profoundly global though exhibits an orientation towards French cuisine. The restaurant is small and cozy with a playful decor, and the service warm and welcoming.

Les Landes foie gras, flambéed figs and plums, toasted homemade brioche

A classic dish done right. This dish was the perfect size; not too large to fill you up for the rest of the meal but enough to keep you satisfied.

Native hand-caught scallops on leek fondue, truffle oil, fennel cress

The lightly crisp and slightly seasoned scallops were cooked to perfection and had a moist texture which allowed the natural flavour to shine. The leek fondue was certainly an interesting and unusual complement, but it was quite rich and rendered the dish ever so slightly unbalanced.

Endives topped with blue lanark, dried apricot, walnut, honey and mustard dressing

Simple, yet delicious with a rich, savoury bitterness.

Assiette of duck, muscat grapes tapenade, pomme parisienne, red cabbage, calvados jus

This duck dish was awesome. The meat was perfectly pink and could not have been cooked better, and the Parisian potatoes were divine.

Wiltshire venison haunch en daube, roasted vegetables, pied blue, malbec sauce

The venison was probably the most interesting dish of the night. The outer layer of the venison was cooked in a manner that made it almost caramelised, and the meat itself was immensely tender. The roasted vegetables were infused with the meat's juices and captured some of that same caramelisation  - delicious.

Wild Scottish halibut, linguine al nero di seppia, shrimp and caper sauce with mustard cress

The one hiccup over the course of our meal was that the halibut was heavily overcooked due to some mistake in the kitchen, but the response of the restaurant when we pointed this out could not have been more gracious. They cooked a new piece of fish to perfection on the second round, and removed the dish from our bill. The only weakness of the dish was that the caper flavour in the linguini was a bit overpowering.

Fruit carpaccio with assortment of sorbets, white chocolate mousse, and pistachio

As simple as this dish was, it was one of our favourites of the night. The fruits were cut as thinly as prosciutto, and the dragon fruit and pineapple were particularly tasty. The white chocolate mousse and edible flowers added a nice touch as well.

Vanilla, pistachio and chocolate ice cream

The sheer freshness of these homemade ice creams really stood out. The vanilla ice cream was particularly good with its gritty texture from the ground vanilla bean.

This new restaurant has a few kinks to work out, but we believe it has huge potential. We'd certainly like to come back to try their tasting menu.

Ozz Restaurant

41-43 Lisson Grove

London NW1 6UB

Tube: Marylebone

020 7724  6764 or

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