We recently signed up for the London Tea Club, which is a new monthly subscription service which, for £10/month, sends you samples for teas based on your preferences. Being complete tea fiends, we subscribed as soon as we heard about it. At the beginning of the month we received our first batch, which came in a cutely packaged Royal Mail box and included a personalised note about the teas and how they match our preferences!

From L to R: Monk's Blend, Li Shan Oolong & English Garden

Now onto this month's teas...

Monk's Blend

Monk's Blend is a wonderful Ceylon tea flavoured with vanilla and pomegranate and blended with calendula petals. The pomegranate flavour really comes through, but not so much that it makes the tea sour. The vanilla is delightfully subtle, and the ceylon base is smooth, without the brisk bite that it can often have from full-bodied tannins. Overall it's a wonderful afternoon tea and we'd like to purchase more.

Li Shan Oolong

Li Shan means pear mountain in Chinese, and is supposedly one of the highest tea-growing regions in Taiwan. This oolong is wonderfully smooth and buttery with barely any bitterness, which makes it perfect for any meal, any time of day.

English Garden

This herbal tea is a blend of mint, lavender, chamomile and valerian. The mint and lavender flavours are quite strong, making it relaxing yet refreshing for the gorgeous spring weather we've been experiencing here in London. Perhaps it would make for a wonderful iced tea in the summertime, too.

We are so happy with our March LTC teas and can't wait for our next delivery! Join the club here.